Shortcut key – Remove all Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word Document

    How to remove all hyperlinks in a Microsoft Word document:

    For Windows Users:



    For Mac Users:


    Option 1: FN+COMMAND+SHIFT+F9

    Option 2 (easier): COMMAND+6




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      • Sbhsart

        you can also select “Keep as Text Only” from the temporary button that appears at the bottom the pasted text  

      • Purnendu Seo

        it is not working

        • Anon

           Make sure you select all first.

      • Black Sun13

        Thank you, you are a wonder!

      • None

        Thank you!!!!!!! is there a way to make this a permanent change so that hyperlinks are never even available?

        • Not that I know of.

          • eltoro

            Yes under options > Proofing > Auto Correct Options

      • Inder Pahwa

        Great Tip!! Worked like a charm. Thanks!

      • Tana

        THANK YOU!!!

      • WOW – Thank You 100x over!!!!

      • Thanks a lot!

      • MissAlaineous

        This did not work for me (on a Mac).

        • Daniel

          *** CTRL+A ***FN+SHIFT+COMMAND+F9

          Works for me on Office 2011

      • ELLA R

        THANK YOUUU!!

      • Rosie

        Hallelujah! Thank you for saving me a whole lot of time editing a document!

      • Jiheon

        For Mac users: if you want to keep your text as it was, select all text by pressing command + A, then press shift + fn + command + f9 to remove all hyperlinks.

      • Tammy

        Thank you! Thank you! I had been looking all over for a way to do this on MS Word 2011 (on a Mac). Worked perfectly. Now, I just have to know why they make it so hard to figure this out? I was able to learn how to make text into links in my article; why did it not tell me how to take them out?

      • guru

        Crap. This doesn’t work on my Mac. Did Microsoft pull a fast one on its last update?

      • Rita

        OMG it worked. Thank you for sharing this tip!

      • I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

      • Kyle

        Thank god for you!

      • godwin

        Thanks a lot

      • Stephanie

        Faultless advice and stunningly beautiful brevity!

      • recidivst

        Incredible – thanks so much. I’m moving my site to a new platform and am currently editing 800 products in excel. I have to paste it into work because the search and replace is so much better and I was banging my head about this problem. Solved beautiful, thanks!

      • avila629

        Oh my gosh! Those hidden links have been driving us all bonkers. THANK YOU!

      • Dave

        Doesn’t work for me!

      • Ran

        Thank you, you saved my day!

      • anuj

        thank you…
        helped me a lot.

      • JCorneliuss

        Thank you!! All the other sites I’d found were insisting it was cmd+shft+f9 for a mac just like on my old PC. Only here did I find you also have to hit “fn”.

      • Heather

        THANK YOU! You rock!

      • yashd


      • Cyrus

        Finally! After searching for answers on a number of forums, your solution worked! All those others forgot to mention the fn.

      • Julie

        Is there a way to turn off hyperlinks just while editing? I am editing a doc that NEEDS the hyperlinks, but if I click in the wrong place it keeps opening browser windows and it’s doing my head in!

      • Ken

        For Mac: CMD+A , CMD+6
        Same effect!!!

      • Ponta Vedra

        Fn+Shift+Command+F9 did not work for me on Word 2011 either. However, if your links are URLs or text imbued with hyperlinks, there is a simpler way: copy the links, paste into a plain text editor, then copy them from there and paste back into MS Word. Takes a bit longer if they are scattered and you don’t want to lose formatting for all your text, but it’s a heck of a lot faster than changing them manually.

        • The problem there is you also lose all the formatting of the document.

      • doesn’t work; neither shift-command-f9 nor command-6. I hate word.

      • Not working for me in Word for Mac 2011.

      • Anonymity

        THANK YOU, you’re a life saver (Mac user)

      • disqus_3Wu6MsSHGY

        Excellent Rafi!!

      • Carl Gonzales

        This worked great except for when the cross reference was in a table.