Apple Macintosh – Macbook Computer: Connect to Shared Windows Printer

Recently I acquired an Apple Macbook and wanted to connect it to a shared Windows printer. Since Apple really stinks at networking compared to Microsoft Windows, focusing moreso on design and usability instead of playing well with Microsoft products, I finally found the solution from Macworld Hints:

“I’ve seen a lot of these hints on the Internet, but most of them didn’t work for me. This is how I managed to print to a shared Windows printer.

We’ll start by opening System Preferences, where we chose the Print & Fax preference pane. There you should see a list with all the printers you’ve currently installed. Click the ‘+’ button to add a new printer. This opens the Printer Browser. Then hold down the Option key and click More Printers; this lets you access the “Advanced” options from the first popup menu.

From the Device menu, select Windows Printer via SAMBA. You can chose the Device Name yourself, but the “Device URI” is a little bit more complicated. It should look like this:



  • username is the username of an account on the Windows computer.
  • password is the password of this user on the Windows computer.
  • computername is the network name of the computer
  • printername is the name under which the printer is shared on the Windows computer.

For example, suppose there is a windows account “rafi hecht” on the computer named “rafihecht-pc”, and the printer is called “HPPhoto”. Then you should type


Finally, select the correct printer model, and click Add.

You should now be able to print to your shared printer.”

And Voila! It works.



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  • RCS

    Funny, “smb://rafi%20hecht@rafihecht-pc/HPPhoto” doesn’t look like it has much to do with nele or vaste.


  • RCS


    You can ignore my comments if you like, but that doesn’t change the fact that your instructions are incorrect.

    • Anonymous

      Hi David,

      Long time no speak, how have you been? How’s married life? I still see that you take email addresses of other peoples’ names and tell everyone that they’re wrong 🙂

      In any case, the instructions I provided in this post were the ones I took to connect a Macbook wirelessly to a printer shared on a computer running Windows Vista.

      “rafihecht-pc” was my Windows computer name, “rafi hecht” what my user name, and the password, which is after the username separated by a colon, was something I left out intentionally. HPPhoto was the shared name I gave to my HP Photo printer.

      If you can prove to me why the solution that personally worked for me doesn’t apply, I would be grateful so as to do it the right way and get it wrong.

      • RCS

        I’m not saying that your solution is wrong (I don’t have a Mac and I know nothing about it), I’m just saying that there is a typo between your example, and what you say your example is 🙂

        You wrote:

        For example, suppose there is a windows account “nele” (no password) on the computer named “vaste”, and the printer is called “HPPhoto”. Then you should type


        Your example has nothing to do with nele or vaste.

        • Anonymous

          I hear what you’re saying. You’re right, it was a careless typo on my part. I just fixed it.