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How to Hardcode Subtitles using VLC and rendered MP4 files

vlc_256VLC  is one of my favorite video tools. It’s cross-platform, works with a multitude of file types and is loaded with options and features. One feature that is very useful is adding subtitles to your video project.


First off you need a finished video project sans subtitles. In my work environment, that usually means rendering video to MP4 for publication to Youtube  using an NLE like Sony Vegas Pro . With rendered video in hand the only thing left is to create a subtitle file. For that I’ve had good results with subtitleeditor  in Linux, but there are a lot of tools available. What I like about subtitleeditor is the ability to use a waveform for timings. Open the video, build an audio track, and start subtitling. Save the results as an SRT file and you’re ready to move to VLC.

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Video Game Console Tech Specs

A video game console is essentially a computer has traditionally been designed to do one thing- play video games from cartridges. Today this has evolved into online gameplay, downloadable games via WiFi, and more....

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Internet Data Usage (Bell v.s. Rogers): Is That How They Calculate It On Your Bill?


This is nothing new. Over the last 6-7 years big Canadian phone/data/ISP providers like Bell and Rogers have set a bandwidth cap for users paying for their internet service. They would charge a certain amount, and then have a cap. How accurate is this cap though?

A friend of mine that presently owns his own private ISP company recently informed me that it’s impossible for these ISP companies to accurately tell you how much data you’re using: it’s impossible. With Rogers, what they do is take a survey of all users around a block, then average this amount. With Bell, they take the username of your Modem and charge any bandwidth from that username, which is relatively more accurate.

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Getting a OnePlus One Phone – Addressing Site Navigation Issues

Courtesy of oneplus.net

I have been using an iPhone 5 for the last two years and noticed apparent issues with it since I needed to get a bloated lithium-ion battery and screen replaced, among other things. For one thing, the sensor on the top wasn’t always working when I placed the phone to my ear, causing my cheek to dial numbers to my chagrin, as well as to the chagrin of the person on the other line. It also caused my cheek to do things like mute the conversation or put it on speaker. In addition, the charger would only charge if positioned a specific way. It was very inconvenient. To make matters worse, the phone was under Apple Care warranty for the first year, so they would have charged an arm and a leg being that I was past the first year.